Manufacturing Process

A- Mold Cleaning Area

B- Robot & Shuttering Area

C- Steel Mesh Area

D- Concreting Area

E- Turning Station Area

F- Curing Chamber Area

G- Tilting Area

H- Store Out Area

I- Lattice Girder and Steel Mesh Manufacturing Area

Jazeera Freecast Plant

Jazeera Freecast provide a full co-ordination/detailing service for the Freecast elements from receipt of the Architectural and Structural Engineering drawings through manufacturing until delivering to the site. Once the final design is approved by the Client we then manufacture the elements in our carousel factory, deliver them to site to be fitted by a well trained team.

1) Robotic molding

2) First shell reinforcement

3) First shell casting

4) Adding thermal insulation

5) Second shell casting

6) Combining both shells

7) Tilting

8) Storing

Please note that the Technical Information diagrams shown herewith should be taken as indicative only. Manufacturing processes may vary according to the design and purpose. More accurate guidance and further information should be obtained by contacting Jazeera Freecast.